At Manor High we build strong partnerships that benefit our students throughout their time with us; from supporting a seamless transition from primary to secondary school, through to higher education and careers advice in Key Stage 4. This collaborative approach enables us to learn and share ideas in order to ensure best possible practice in all that we do.

Primary Partnerships

We are very proud of our strong links with a wide range of primary schools across the county and city. Our excellent transitional work provides continuity and stability for our families and children. We offer a wide range of activities with our partner primaries which means that a close relationship builds between home and school before the child arrives.

In addition, families are encouraged to visit our school during the day at our regular Open Mornings and annually we hold our Open Evening in September.

Through our vertical tutoring, our House system and maintenance of a school at a size that benefits all learners most, our students settle far more quickly than would typically be the case.

External Partners

Manor High invites a number of professional organisations to work with our students to build the 'whole child', ensuring our students can leave Manor High after their five-year journey as confident, resilient and well-rounded young people.